All About Work’s Fourth Birthday

Today marks the fourth anniversary of All About Work‘s launch. Running a blog is fun – it’s work, but it’s fun work – and it’s been very rewarding for me to work on this project.

To date, the most popular posts have been:

(credit: own photo)

(credit: own photo)

1) Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000 Hour Rule” Doesn’t Add Up (the post that keeps going, and going, and going…)

2) A Look at the BC Government’s Ad in the Teachers’ Bargaining Dispute

3) The Joy of Figures

4) Population Ecology Theory in Real Life: How the Globe and Mail Misunderstood Its Environment

5) Daniel Pink’s Drive: A Short Journey on a Tiny Piece of Road

Thank you to everyone who’s read  All About Work posts, everyone who’s been interviewed for a post, everyone who’s shared links to posts, and everyone who’s provided positive encouragement and feedback – and to the other bloggers that I’ve learned from, and that I continue to learn from. I appreciate the support!

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