At the Mexico City Pride Parade

I spent last week in Mexico City at the 2017 International Meeting on Law and Society, and, as it happened, my visit there included the day of the annual Pride Parade. I had never attended a Pride Parade before – not because I had any objections to the idea, but simply because the one in my city was never held at a time when I could go.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of the Mexico City parade – how big it would be, how many people would show up. Well. I watched the first part of the parade, went off to do some other sightseeing, and then returned four hours later to find the parade still going on. According to the local media, 350,000 spectators showed up to the event – and I can testify that the Paseo de la Reforma was jammed full of all kinds of people, all having a great time. Here’s a few scenes from the parade.

Waiting for the parade to begin.


Staying cool under Pride umbrellas.


I hope these guys put on a LOT of sunscreen.


Furry pride.


Canadian Embassy pride.


United Kingdom Embassy pride.


Pro Diana (transsexual rights group) pride.


A lovely lady who was marching with the Pro Diana group.


Jewish pride.


Balloon pride.


Argentinian Embassy pride.


The Angel of Independence and HSBC corporate pride.


Puppy pride.


Wiccan pride.


And CDMX (Ciudad de México – Mexico City government) pride.


  1. What a great experience! It looks just as varied and colorful as the one in LA. Enjoy your break, whatever you are doing (hope it’s fun and far away).

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