All About Work’s Fifth Birthday

From “Scriptores historiae Augustae” (Milan, 1475). Photo credit: University of Glasgow Libraries on Flickr

All About Work turned five years old on March 18. Usually I do a photo with my minikin to mark the blogiversary, but this year has been exceptionally busy – so in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this beautiful Roman numeral five from an Italian illuminated manuscript.

To date, the blog has had more than 148,000 views. The most-read posts of all time are:

  1. Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000 Hour Rule” Doesn’t Add Up
  2. A Look at the British Columbia Government’s Ad in the Teachers’ Bargaining Dispute
  3. The Joy of Figures
  4. Population Ecology in Real Life: How the Globe and Mail Misunderstood its Environment
  5. Daniel Pink’s ‘Drive’: A Short Journey on a Tiny Piece of Road

Thank you to everyone who’s visited the site, read a post, or commented on a post. I appreciate the support!



  1. Congratulations on your five-year blogiversary, Fiona! It’s quite an accomplishment not only to keep at it for five years — but to also consistently bring us such diverse and interesting reads, as your “most-read” list shows. I hope the busyness will be both lucrative and transitory, and look forward to seeing what your *next* five years will bring. Cheers to you!

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