Labour Day News Review

Well, if Labour Day is indeed the time of the year when labour and workers get the most media attention, we might as well take advantage of it and take a quick look at some of what was said.

– A very thoughtful, if somewhat pessimistic, opinion piece by Thomas Walkom in the Toronto Star

– A good overview of the state of Canada’s unions in 2012, and the effects of the decline in private sector union membership, by Toronto Star columnist Antonia Zerbisias

– Another perspective on the state of unions from the Canadian Press

– An interesting piece on encouraging young workers’ interest in unions by using social media

– A rousing blog post from my friend Harvey Oberfeld on the power of unions

– A reminder that the Labour Day holiday started in Canada

Predictable union bashing from the Fraser Institute

– A very busy #unionmember Tweet-a-thon on Twitter, with accompanying videos of writers and athletes explaining why union membership is important to them

– And, although the Conservative federal government hasn’t exactly been union-friendly this past year, good for them for acknowledging the workplace contributions of unions in Labour Minister Lisa Raitt’s Labour Day press release.

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