The Real(?) Thing, Part II: Room 237 

In a previous post, I wrote about how perceptions often have more effect than reality on people’s experiences of organizations. In that post, I discussed how the film Katy Perry: Part of Me deliberately constructed the audience’s perceptions of its subject. As threatened promised, in this followup post, I’m going to discuss another film I recently saw – Room 237 – which is also an example of constructed reality. But in Room 237, it’s the audience, rather than the filmmakers, who are doing the constructing. (more…)

Shock of the New: Kate Bush vs. Her Fans?

British singer Kate Bush has had a singular, if not unique, musical career. Her first album came out in 1978, and her most recent album was released last year to excellent reviews. Her career has spanned radical transformations in technology, in the record industry, and in how artists interact with the public. But, as a long-time fan, I’m curious whether the reaction to her participation in the London Olympics closing ceremony marks the point where she might finally have to change her business model.


Shut the Tweet Up: Where Social Media Doesn’t Belong

Organizations are being told all the time that they have to use social media to be competitive and responsive. And obviously there have been times when organizations – formal or informal – have used social media to the great benefit of themselves and their society, as in, for example, the Arab Spring uprising. But are there places or organizations where social media doesn’t belong? I think so, because I just went to one. (more…)